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2014年1月 1日 (水)


Osechi is a festive dish for the sechinichi/yearly seasonal celebration days. (There’re five sechinichi in a year; Jinjitu on 7th January, Joushi on 3rd March, Tango on 5th May, Shichiseki on 7th July and Chouyou on 9th September.) New Year is the sechinichi to welcome the god of rice field back from mountains. There’re several views for osechi in modern times; (osechi is prepared) not to make a kitchen restless while having the gods home on New Year, not to make the god of fire upset, to avoid using fire on New Year (practice in the Heian period, AD794-1192), and for women to be free from cooking for the first three days of the New Year.

Osechi is full of blessings from ocean and mountain, and each one of them has auspicious meaning such as agricultural fertility, health, longevity and so on. Served in tiered boxes became common in the mid of the Edo period (AD1603-1867), and this has also auspicious meaning to layer lucks.


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