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2014年1月25日 (土)

Gourmet Club/グルメクラブ

Thank you all who came to my first Gourmet Club at The artcafe on Friday night.
My popup restaurant at The artcafe started afresh in a different menu and style from Japanese Noodle Night, which ran from September to December 2013.
The first Gourmet Club was held on Friday. The menu of the month was:
1. Rice: Mame gohan
Steamed sticky Japanese rice mixed with peas.
2. Soup: Buta-jiru
Warming winter miso soup with root vegetables and pork belly.
3. Main dish: Konbu-mushi
White fish steamed in individual paper parcels with shredded leek and Japanese seaweed, garnished with uplifting yuzu zest.
4. Side dish: Kabu, soboro ankake
Melting simmered turnip with thick meaty ‘soboro’ sauce.
5. Pudding: Tofu cake
Healthy dessert: tofu cake with mixed-berry coulis

Nibbles that I prepared with my Magic 10 was well accepted, so was the tofu cake. And Japanese tea that I procured in Japan for Gourmet Club was a hit too.
As my policy is to offer authentic Japanese, differentiating other ‘Westerners wannabe Japanese’ restaurants, I was very happy that Japanese dishes that people might not have experienced were well received.
The next one is on Valentine’s Day, Friday 14th February. Treat your love with nice Japanese dinner!





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