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2013年11月21日 (木)

Newlyns Cookery School/パートナーの料理学校でのレッスン

Newlyns Farm Shop in Hook is such a wonderful farm shop and they also have very modern cooking facilities upstairs and run a lot of cooking lessons.
I had my first lesson at Newlyns Cookery School. 13 people joined the 2.5-hour hands-on sushi lesson, and they made three kinds of sushi rolls –futomaki, hosomaki and uramaki. Cooking rice is something British people are not so used to, and the ratio of rice and water as well as the heat control had to be sure. Making rolls is not as easy as it looks, however, they did very well, and I would say only practice makes perfect.
One of the feedback from the Head Chef was that I gave them a lot of information to take home. I’m so pleased to hear that, as that’s what I’m trying in my lessons. When you cook, you can simply follow a recipe. But there’re unwritten tips that people are not aware if not said, and that’s what I’m sharing in my lessons.
Thank you all who joined the lesson!


HookNewlyns Farm Shopというショップがあり、2階はモダンなキッチンを備えた料理学校になっており、様々なレッスンが提供されています。そこで、初めてのレッスンがありました。2時間半の実践中心のレッスンで、太巻き、細巻、裏巻きの3種類の巻き寿司を作りました。やはり、イギリス人はお米を炊くことに慣れていないので、米と水の分量や火加減は正確に伝える必要があります。巻き寿司を作るのも慣れない手つきでしたが、「ロールケーキを作るときを思い出して!」とか、彼らに身近なたとえは分かりやすいようです。 




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