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2013年11月28日 (木)

Sushi for children/子ども向けワークショップ

A workshop with children is something I was longing for. It came true with the corporation of Winchester Discovery Centre. 15 children joined ‘Sushi for children: Using our hands to make and eat’.  

I planned the sushi-making easy enough for them by using hands only, then they can have fun in the process and feel a sense of achievement when it’s done. Children are so innocent and sweet. Some walked into the room, saying “I LOVE sushi!”, which made me smile. A boy came to me and asked, “Why can you make such a yummy food?”. It’s not me who made the sushi. It’s all the children who did a great job. Well done!






2013年11月25日 (月)

Food-lovers’ event/イベントのご報告

Thank you all who came to Kitchen Wakako Special Evening last night. I’m touched that it was fully booked with 8 groups of 18 customers and a handful of groups more on the waiting list.
What I’m trying to offer here is ‘authentic’ Japanese..., which means Japanese foods that we Japanese eat day to day in Japan. A group of customer gave me such a pleasant compliment. They said they’ve eaten at a very popular Japanese restaurant in town but my food is much better than theirs, because it’s more genuine and homey.
As mothers love to see their husband and children see smiling and say “yummy”, it’s always a great joy for me that my customers enjoy the foods that I prepare. Many thanks, again!


Special Eveningにお越しいただいた皆さま、ありがとうございました。818名のお客様に来て頂いたことに加え、片手ほどのグループの方たちがキャンセル待ちでした。私は、プロジェクトルーツを始めたときから、レッスン、ポップアップ、イベント、ワークショップ、ケータリングなどを通して、日本で私たち日本人が普通に食べている和食を伝えたいと思っています。あるお客様からは、「街で人気の日本食レストランで食事をしたことがあるけど、そこよりずっと美味しい」という嬉しいコメントを頂きました。理由を尋ねると、本物で温かみがあるとのことでした。 



2013年11月21日 (木)

Newlyns Cookery School/パートナーの料理学校でのレッスン

Newlyns Farm Shop in Hook is such a wonderful farm shop and they also have very modern cooking facilities upstairs and run a lot of cooking lessons.
I had my first lesson at Newlyns Cookery School. 13 people joined the 2.5-hour hands-on sushi lesson, and they made three kinds of sushi rolls –futomaki, hosomaki and uramaki. Cooking rice is something British people are not so used to, and the ratio of rice and water as well as the heat control had to be sure. Making rolls is not as easy as it looks, however, they did very well, and I would say only practice makes perfect.
One of the feedback from the Head Chef was that I gave them a lot of information to take home. I’m so pleased to hear that, as that’s what I’m trying in my lessons. When you cook, you can simply follow a recipe. But there’re unwritten tips that people are not aware if not said, and that’s what I’m sharing in my lessons.
Thank you all who joined the lesson!


HookNewlyns Farm Shopというショップがあり、2階はモダンなキッチンを備えた料理学校になっており、様々なレッスンが提供されています。そこで、初めてのレッスンがありました。2時間半の実践中心のレッスンで、太巻き、細巻、裏巻きの3種類の巻き寿司を作りました。やはり、イギリス人はお米を炊くことに慣れていないので、米と水の分量や火加減は正確に伝える必要があります。巻き寿司を作るのも慣れない手つきでしたが、「ロールケーキを作るときを思い出して!」とか、彼らに身近なたとえは分かりやすいようです。 




2013年11月17日 (日)

Japan Market/イベントのご案内

As we Japanese love details and exquisites, you can find landscape, seasons and such even in foods. And pottery plays an important role to present dishes.
My hometown is well known for beautiful pottery called ‘mino-aki’. There are so many pottery-related businesses, from independent craft potters to nation-wide ceramic companies. I always find it so much fun to cruise the town, visiting kilns, showrooms (shown in picture) and shops in town. Some makers and vendors are open to sell directly to individuals, so you just knock the door and tell them what you're looking for.
Pottery is a part of my introducing Japanese cuisine to British people, and I’m happy to announce that I’m holding Japan Market, where you can buy pottery and kitchenware from Japan. The pottery that I have chosen will add beauty to the dishes that you prepare, and kitchenware (such as wooden sushi bowls, oil containers etc.) that are unique in Japanese kitchens will make your cooking easier and more perfect than ever!
Please contact Kitchen Wakako for more details!




和食器の紹介は、イギリスで日本食を伝える一環として行っていきたいことのひとつです。近々、Japan Marketとして、和食器や日本の家庭ではよく使われているキッチン用品を紹介、販売します。詳細ご希望の方は、ご連絡下さい。


2013年11月15日 (金)

Shichi-go-san & chitose-ame/七五三と千歳飴

15th November is shichi-go-san (literally, seven-five-three). Boys (3 and 5 years old) and girls (3 and 7 years old) put on formal wears and visit a shrine where they live to thank for their growth and to pray for their future health. The origin of the shichi-go-san is celebratory occasions each for 3-year-old, 5-year-old, and 7-year old in the samurai society. It’s also said that’s an occasion to thank the guardian god as the mortality rate among children was high back then.

Chitose-ame (literally, one thousand years candy) is for shichi-go-san. It’s said that a candy seller in Asakusa named that way for longevity. 




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