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2013年10月 8日 (火)

Jiro Dreams of Sushi/二郎は鮨の夢を見る

We watched ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ recently. Jiro Ono is the owner of ‘Sukiyabashi Jiro’, a Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. 

The film is not about sushi but about Jiro as a dedicated sushi shokunin (sushi chef - ‘shokunin’ is a term for artisan. You don’t call chef or cook in the sushi world.)  

Food critic, Masuhiro Yamamoto, supports the film with backstage stories about him. He raised five attributes that great chefs have: 

1. They take their work seriously and constantly perform on the high level. 

2. They aspire to improve their skills. 

3. Cleanliness. 

4. Impatience. They’re leaders, not collaborators. They’re stubborn, insisting to have their own way. 

5. Passion. 

I fully agree with him, and I think successful people in any business have the same attributes too. Yamamoto spoke these five attributes in the beginning of the film, and I thought I have all of them. But mine cannot be compared with Jiro’s, and having all these attributes and keep exercising them make difference. 




1. 仕事に対して真面目で、常に高いレベルの仕事をする 

2. 向上心がある 

3. 清潔感 

4. 協力者というよりリーダータイプで、頑固で自分のやり方を貫く 

5. 情熱 


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