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2013年7月 5日 (金)

Kitchen utensils in Japanese restaurantsやっとことやっとこ鍋

This utensil called ‘yattoko and yattoko-nabe’. They’re commonly used in Japanese restaurant.
Yattoko is a pincer-like tool to hold pans. You might think it’s not convenient and a pan might fall down, but they’re practical tools and no worries to drop. Yattoko-nabe is a pan and it has no handle. Why don’t Japanese chefs use pans with handles and yattoko? There are several reasons. One is to prevent pans from burning. Handles of Japanese pans are made of wood, and kitchen for commercial use has wider and stronger hob compared to the one for home use. Two is chefs use pans for many different ways. For example, cooking on the hob first, then cooling down on ice water, then keeping in a fridge. Work would be easier without handles. Three is to keep the traffic in kitchen open, then accidents like chef’s apron catches a pan can be avoided.




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