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2013年4月28日 (日)

‘Eat Japan!’ at Clos du Marquis French Pantry/イベント報告

'Eat Japan!' was the first free taster event at Clos du Marquis French Pantry.  Clos du Marquis French Pantry is a delicatessen and cookery school on-site owned by Germain Marquis. 

The event was an introduction of Japanese foods prepared by me, which are now available there, and my culinary services such as cooking lessons and catering. 

A customer walked into the venue and said, "The roots of your cooking is your mother."  She read my profile before coming to the event. After tasting my gyoza dumpling, another customer said how light it is, compared to the Chinese ones, and asked me how I make it differently. Many guests didn't know that dumplings can be not only fried but also steamed, deep-fried as well as for soup. Magic 10 (seasoning using fermented rice malt) was a surprise for most of them.  All impressed me, and I learned it again that experience is a great teacher!

'Eat Japan!'と題したClos du Marquis French Pantryでの試食会のイベントが終わりました。Clos du Marquisは、ひとつの敷地にレストラン、デリカテッセン、料理教室があるプチフランスです。私が作る日本食をデリカテッセンで販売することになり、その試食会でした。来月からは、日本料理のレッスンも始まります。 



2013年4月24日 (水)


Does anyone know what it is? 

It exactly looks like ‘tsukushi’, but the size is way bigger than the tsukushi that I know. Tsukushi literally writes ‘earth brush’ in Japanese and it seems it’s ‘horsetail’ in English. In Japan, you can find them on river banks and paths in rice paddies from late February to early March. When I was a child, my mother and I used to go out to pick them up. That was a delicacy in spring. After parboiling, tossing them with bonito flakes and a bit of soy sauce is very tasty. 

Good tsukushi (to eat) is a tabacco size. But the one I found in my neighborhood was just enormous. My husband, who told me once that Japanese and French eat anything, didn’t know it, telling me not to touch as it could be poisonous. I used to eat it and love it, therefore, I cannot give up!




2013年4月18日 (木)

Experience is a great teacher./経験して分かること

Experience is a great teacher. The more I do lessons or demonstrations here in the UK, the more I think what’s important is to offer people have-a-go opportunities.
London is a metropolis and it has the largest Japanese population in Europe, therefore, you can easily find Japanese restaurants and food shops and Londoners are exposed to it more or less, I think. However, that’s not the case in town where my business locates, though it’s only 1 hour plus from there.  It’s only last year that the first Japanese restaurant was opened.  It appears to me that people have just started to have a link to Japanese foods and they don’t have a chance to know what authentic Japanese cuisine is like.
One of my students last week said my lesson changed her life. Guests who tried my foods at taster events are coming back to buy more.  Participants who joined my demonstration says they like to do more.
My cookery project started in Tokyo as ‘Project Roots’.  I kept the name ‘Roots’, which could’ve been the name of my restaurant in Munich. I named that, hoping my Japanese cooking, whose roots is my mother’s, will become Munich people’s roots for Japanese foods and culture. If I can be patient and keep trying, I feel I can make it happen here.





2013年4月11日 (木)

Dried mouli/切干大根

Dried mouli is, as it says, shredded mouli dried in the sun. By being exposed in the sun, mouli is glycated and its nutritious value increases - compared with the same amount of mouli, calcium becomes 15 times more, iron 32 times and vitamin B1 and B2 10 times. In addition to this, dried mouli is rich in dietary fibers.

It’s a popular food in Japan, and the most common way to prepare would be cooking it with carrots and deep-fried tofu. I like to use it for salad. By soaking it in water for a bit shorter time, crispy texture remains and oil dressing goes well with it.






2013年4月 7日 (日)

‘Eat Japan!’ at Clos du Marquis French Pantry/イベントのお知らせ

This is an event announcement! 

Kitchen Wakako is holding a free taster event at the Clos du Marquis French Pantry. Clos du Marquis is a top-quality French restaurant owned by Germain Marquis, and has a twin delicatessen and cookery school on-site. Kitchen Wakako is now partnering with Germain to offer its original Japanese foods at the French Pantry - you can try them at this event!

Time and date : 11:00-14:00, Saturday 27th  April 

Venue       : Clos du Marquis French Pantry 

Address      : Leckford Hutt, London Rd, Stockbridge SO20 6DE
- on the A30, 3 miles East of Stockbridge

Telephone    : 01264 810 298 

Website     : http://www.closdumarquis.co.uk


レックフォードにあるClos du Marquis French Pantryで試食会を行います。Clos du Marquisは本物の南仏料理が頂けるフランス料理のレストランで、同じ敷地内にフードショップとフランス料理教室があります。オーナーのジェメインと、今後、コラボレーションをしていくことになりました。Kitchen Wakakoオリジナルの食品も購入できるようになり、その試食会のイベントになります。 

日時: 427日(土)11時~12 

場所: Clos du Marquis French Pantry 

HP  http://www.closdumarquis.co.uk



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