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2013年4月18日 (木)

Experience is a great teacher./経験して分かること

Experience is a great teacher. The more I do lessons or demonstrations here in the UK, the more I think what’s important is to offer people have-a-go opportunities.
London is a metropolis and it has the largest Japanese population in Europe, therefore, you can easily find Japanese restaurants and food shops and Londoners are exposed to it more or less, I think. However, that’s not the case in town where my business locates, though it’s only 1 hour plus from there.  It’s only last year that the first Japanese restaurant was opened.  It appears to me that people have just started to have a link to Japanese foods and they don’t have a chance to know what authentic Japanese cuisine is like.
One of my students last week said my lesson changed her life. Guests who tried my foods at taster events are coming back to buy more.  Participants who joined my demonstration says they like to do more.
My cookery project started in Tokyo as ‘Project Roots’.  I kept the name ‘Roots’, which could’ve been the name of my restaurant in Munich. I named that, hoping my Japanese cooking, whose roots is my mother’s, will become Munich people’s roots for Japanese foods and culture. If I can be patient and keep trying, I feel I can make it happen here.





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