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2012年6月27日 (水)

Plum wine/梅酒

My family’s plum wine making goes back to 45 years ago, when my parents got married.  Somewhere down the line, my mother and I started to make two bottoles every year; one is for years and years later so that we can enjoy its matured taste, and one is for immediate drink.  My husband loves my family’s plum wine.  Luckily we’ve got Japanese plums, so we decided to make our plum wine to commemorate our marriage year and to have it matured taking long time.

For the plum, green one gives plain and sour flavor, while ripe one mild and fruity flavor.  If too ripe, skin gets bruised in the maturing process, and the wine will lose the clearness.  By using frozen plums (freeze plums for over 48 hours, cells get destroyed and the constituents, e.g. citric acid, sorbitol, polyphenol etc, can be extracted to the fullest.

For sugar, rock candy is commonly used.  Granulated sugar, coarse sugar, or brown sugar lump can be also used.  Plain sweetness that the granulated sugar has keeps the fruit flavor.  The amount of sugar used depends on your preference.  Still, over 60% of fresh plums, or 40% for frozen ones is needed.

For alcohol, any kou-rui (high class) alcohol that contains over 35 percent of alcohol (e.g. whiskey, vodka, gin, brandy etc) can be used, and different kind of alcohol creates different flavor.






2012年6月25日 (月)

Elderflower cordial/エルダフラワーのコーディアル

Elderflower is blooming here and there.  Elderflower cordials are available through the year, but it’s only this time of the year if you want to make home-made one.  Bring water with sugar into a boiling and cool it down.  Add sliced lemons and elderflower, and leave it for a couple of days.  Strain it through filter paper, and add water or lemonade.




2012年6月24日 (日)


I was back in Japan for a week.  I was so hugry for fish, and sashimi (raw fish) was such a joy.  Tipps in serving sashimi are; choose a plain plate, follow the Sansui (Sansui is literally mountain and river.  It means natural landscape.) style, that is, serving high in center, place red meat at the far side and white meat on the front side.  Japanese cuisine has yin and yang, therefore, the number of fish follows yang, that is, odd number.



2012年6月 5日 (火)

Goat milk/山羊のミルク

Goat milk has been hooked in my mind since I found it in a supermarket.  I’ve traveled most of European countries but I don’t think I’ve ever seen goat milk.  I’ve been so curious what it’s like, and the day has finally come.  It wasn’t as smelly as I thought, but five sips was enough for drinking.  The rest will be used for cooking, maybe.



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