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2012年5月11日 (金)

Soup stock/鰹昆布出汁

I’ve made dashi (soup stock with dried kelp and bonito flakes) first time since I arrived here last week. Though I did the same way with the same ingredients and amount, and though I was expecting it, I was kind of disappointed with lower quality of dashi, compared to the one that you could make in Japan. The taste of dashi and clear soup with scrambled egg was not as good as I could have at home.

 It’s because of water, hard water. Soft water is more suitable to make quality dashi both for dried kelp and bonito flakes. In Japan, the hardness of water is slightly different in the East and West, therefore, the taste and color of dashi or soup is different. In western Japan, where the water is soft, enough of umami flavor can be extracted from dried kelp and bonito flakes. So, you’ll need only small portion of soy sauce to adjust taste, and the color of soup is light as they use usukuchi soy sauce. On the other hand, in eastern Japan, where the water is hard, umami won’t be extracted as much as in the west. Therefore, you’ll need more amount of soy sauce and the color is darker as koikuchi is used.

 The result was not satisfying, but it was good to find and learn it by experience, which will help me to find solutions in the future.





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