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2012年5月21日 (月)

Nigiri (hand-shaped)-zushi/握り寿司

Sushi was the first thing that I chose for my frist meal in Japan. It’s been only a couple of weeks since I left, but juming on to sushi was like a foreign tourist.

When it comes to writing about sushi, there’re are enough stories to fill a book, so here is a bit about difference between sushi in Kansai (western Japan) and Kanto (eastern Japan). In Kanto, what they call sushi is edomae-zushi, nigiri (hand-shaped) sushi. As it started as a snack, the taste of sushi rice is not sweet (to match with sliced fish on top) and very little of sushi rice is used. On the other hand, as it can be seen that maki-zushi and oshi-zushi are poupular sushi in Kansai, sushi was a meal. Therefore, they use a lot of sushi rice and sweet sushi rice is better for such sushi.

Nigiri-zushi must be “sushi” for foreigners, while there’s a variety of sushi. It seems difficulut for them to understand why it takes so many like 10 years to be able to shape sushi. Shaping sushi is not like making a chunk of sushi rice. The temperature of sushi rice, pressure that is not to loose and not too tight … etc, many things to know and to do right.






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